December 29, 2011

Looking for a Bathroom Update: Try Euro Style Shower Enclosures

If you are looking for a Denver home remodeler to help you redesign your bathroom, consider asking about Euro style shower enclosures. A Euro style shower is an enclosure with frameless doors and wall panels made of tempered glass, custom-made for the space and design needs of the individual home. These enclosures use little hardware in order to emphasize the clean appearance of their design, and the hardware pieces come in a variety of finishes to compliment your existing fixtures. Mounted on granite, marble, tile, slate, or a similar hard surface, a Euro style shower enclosure uses glass available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The door of the enclosure uses self-centering hinges which enable the door to swing inward or out with equal ease.

The unique benefit of Euro style shower enclosures lies in the fact that they are custom-made. If your bathroom has an unusual shape, odd angles, or uneven walls, a Euro style enclosure is the perfect solution to your design conundrum, as it can be built to fit your space. Even better, your shower enclosure will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Because a Euro style shower incorporates a minimal use of hardware, it helps to create the illusion that your space is larger and more luxurious. That, in combination with the transparent enclosure walls, allows you to showcase your decorative tile work and contributes to an overall feeling of spa indulgence in your own home.

Because the shower door pivots rather than sliding on a track, cleaning your Euro style shower enclosure is much easier than in a traditional shower, particularly since the lack of a sliding track eliminates the need for a door groove where standing water can collect and breed mold. Euro style enclosures can be installed in bathtub-and-shower combinations as well, replacing your old shower curtain which can easily let water out onto your floor and attracts mildew. Your shower door can also be coated with a sealer before installation, which removes the need to wipe or squeegee and helps your shower maintain a spotless appearance for years.
When looking for a Denver home remodeler to make your bathroom renovation a reality, two traits are paramount: expertise and reliability. You want a company with the experience and skills necessary to complete your job the way you want it, and someone you can trust to stand by their work and keep their promises. On both counts, Aspen Builders is the best choice for a Denver home remodeler.

Aspen Builders will work with you to develop your ideal design, taking into consideration your style choices, financial considerations, and the logistical needs of your space. Our detailed plans include 3D computer models, a complete materials list, and a comprehensive work schedule, so the process will hold no surprises for you. Aspen Builders takes care of any necessary permits for your project, and manages every aspect of the construction process. Your space is swept clean and safe at the end of every working day; you won't be left tripping over dangerous debris.

It is always wise to check into the reputation of any Denver home remodeler before inviting them into your home, and look for reviews from previous clients. Aspen Builders is fully licensed and insured for construction and remodeling work in Denver and several surrounding areas, and maintains an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. We use post-construction surveys to acquire feedback from customers and improve service, and all work comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Numerous testimonials from satisfied customers point to Aspen Builders as your ideal choice for a Denver home remodeler. View Aspen Builders Bathroom and Spa Remodeling Photo Gallery for ideas!

Combine Your House Remodeling Project with De-Brassification

If you’re in the midst of home remodel in Denver of if looking ahead it seems like Denver house remodelingcould be in your future, coupling your home remodel with other improvements is the best way to do things. One thing which you may wish to consider is de-brassification. 

The term “de-brassification” may be unfamiliar to you but if you’re a homeowner in Denver chances are you’ve got some brass in your home that needs to be gotten rid of. While updating the home is something which homeowners are usually thinking about, it’s often more out of necessity (roof leak, insulation in the walls) or cosmetic (crumbling walkway, new paint) instead of doing the things to your home which need to be done. It often takes a great deal of drilling down deep for homeowners to consider their whole home all the way down to the fixtures.

Have a look around your home. You may find brass fixtures at various stages of decay. You should probably start with the most in-need fixtures first and work backwards from there. Another smart way to do a project like this is go room by room so that you can get the maximum quality upgrade in every room as you go.

Brass fixtures could be anywhere in your home; on a screen door, in an older bedroom, in a less tended to office; but generally you’re going to find brass fixtures in the most prevalence in three spots; in your kitchen, in your bath and in your basement.

When you’re looking at many of the fixtures in your bathroom you could be talking about brass in a variety of places. Whether it’s in sink faucets, older shower heads, or any of the other bathroom fixture where brass is utilized, older brass in the bathroom has got to go. If you’re putting in a new tub or ripping out that old countertop for a fresh look, getting the brass can be a great way to combine your bathroom remodeling project with de-brassification.

Much the same as the bath; when you’re dealing with kitchen remodeling you want everything to be new. Replacing the brass fixtures in your kitchen when you’re putting in new counter-tops or floors can lead to a complete transformation on your remodel.

One more spot where getting the brass out could be helpful is when you’re remodeling your basement. Oftentimes when you are remodeling your basement you are going for a totally fresh look. Maybe you’re taking an unused, dank, damp storage space and turning it into a multipurpose rec room. Or maybe your once vacant basement space will now be a fitness center, craft area, artist’s studio, music station, or man cave. Whatever your remodel ideas are, taking the brass from the space can help make your basement more functional and less of an imposition.

At the end of the day whatever you decide to do with your remodeling space is your call. But taking the brass from the equation and adding in softer replacements which make the space more functional, more user friendly, and more livable is one of the best things which any homeowner can do. Home is for living, after all; making your space more livable with a remodel and de-brassification is one sure way to raise everyone’s enjoyment of the house.

November 29, 2011

Keep Decorating in Mind When Finishing Your Basement

As you're planning your Denver basement remodel (or perhaps you're planning it from the brand new conception stage) there are several things to keep in mind. Here are some things you may wish to consider:

How Do You Plan to Use Your Denver Basement Remodel?
Obviously, the way(s) you plan to make use of your basement will affect the design and decorating you choose. For instance,
  • Recreation/Game Room - If your primary usage of your Denver basement remodel will be recreation, then you'll want to include plans for adequate lighting and space to move  For example, do you plan to put in a pool table or ping pong table? If so, make sure there's ample space around the table for players to move freely, and install some good overhead lighting -track lighting is one good option. Solid non-slip supportive flooring that looks attractive is another point. Then of course, take into consideration any other furniture or appliances that might be in the basement, such as a refrigerator, freezer, washer & dryer, etc. The placement of these items should be separate from the playing area so some family members can play while others may do chores, without interrupting one another.

  • Exercise Studio - Always a popular Denver basement remodel option, you'll want to allow sufficient space around each piece of equipment so that it and YOU can move easily and correctly. You may want to include some mirrors on the wall to observe your form when exercising.

  • Wine Storage - Using your Denver basement remodel as a wine cellar is a great idea, providing you utilize the correct lighting, racks, and lighting.

Entertainment - If you're looking to create an additional entertainment area for your Home Theatre & media (DVDs, game consoles, music, etc.) then measuring carefully for the desired wall unit's placement, then using complimentary wall and floor colors for that unit are important factors. And of course, comfortable, attractive furniture where you can sit or lounge is mandatory! You simply can't create a proper "man cave," "woman cave" or "kid cave" without comfort. Your sound system is very important, too, so doing any necessary sound proofing in order to keep the volume from interfering with other areas of the house is a great idea.

Wet Bar & Kitchen - If your ideal Denver basement remodel usage is to create an additional dining, cooking & entertaining area, you're going to want to install appliances that are functional as well as attractive, and fit into the space perfectly. A great bar and some comfy, attractive bar stools can really set off the space nicely. Good lighting above the bar, sink and stove, and comfortable flooring (possibly cushioned mats) are also important.
Who Should Do Your Denver Basement Remodel?
Well, unless you're an experienced do-it-yourselfer, and we're talking contractor level here, just to insure your Denver basement remodel totally meets with your needs and satisfaction on every level, you'll probably be happiest hiring a professional. Your Denver basement remodel is something you want to be able to live with happily for many years to come, so don't take unnecessary risks.

Aspen Builders of Denver can advise, design and complete your Denver basement remodel professionally, attractively and make sure everything is up to code. By hiring Aspen Builders, you can't go wrong.

Take a look at some of the beautiful Denver basement remodeling jobs they've done. These videos and pictures speak for themselves regarding quality, craftsmanship and beauty.

Give Aspen Builders a call to get the ball rolling toward creating the Denver basement remodel of your dreams! 303-471-4355. Or email them or schedule a FREE in-home design consultation.

Blending Art and Expertise - The Essential Strength of a Home Remodeler

You have decided to remodel the one part of your home that has long been ignored, the basement.  Too often the basement of a home seems to not fall into the overall design and feeling of the bigger home, but with the right home remodeler your basement may quickly turn into one of the best features of your home.

We are no longer talking about the 1970s rec rooms, today's basements can truly become a focal point of the home.  With the help of a company like the Aspen Builders Company, this space quickly goes well beyond function and turns into a true design master piece.

As you start to look at choosing a home remodeler, the first step is to take a look at their work.  A great example of a photo gallery of the possibilities can be found at These photo galleries may open up many uses for the basement you might have event considered, like wine storage, a spa or the ever popular game room/"man cave".

The options are endless, all you need to decide is what you wish to use the space for and take it from there.  Here are just a few of the possible uses:
  1. Media Room. Many people opt for the basement to be the focus of their home entertainment.  This can mean a larger screen TV with recliners for the sports fans or more of a home theatre set up for movie buffs. The built in options a quality home remodeler can offer you take the space well beyond just a TV room into a well-designed addition to your home.
  2. Spa Retreat.  An empty basement can be transformed into a spa retreat with the addition of personal steam room, oversized spa tub or high end shower set ups.  A spa area with a well-designed tile feature can create a relaxing in home retreat that you may not have had space for otherwise.
  3. Home Gym. If you have a family that likes to work out or someone that is training for a particular sport the space can be turned into a high end work out center.  This is also nice with the addition of the Spa items listed above.
  4. Game Room/Wet Bar. Whether you are an empty nester or living with a house full of teens, a game room is a great way to keep either friends or family entertained.  For teens in the family, a pool table and other games is a fun way to spend many hours.  After the kids leave home the space can be expanded to include wine storage as well.
Click here to see a photo gallery of Basement Finishing Ideas by Aspen Builders.

However you decide to use the space, finding a home remodeler like Aspen Builders in Denver will ensure the space turns out to be both functional and a high quality design.  The balance between artistry and function ensures that the space will become one of your favorite parts of the home.

October 31, 2011

Some Cost Considerations Involved With Finishing Your Basement

Basement remodeling is different than redoing any other room in your home. The basement has tricky hidden costs that other rooms don't require. This doesn't mean that your basement cannot be a beautiful, liveable space your family can enjoy. Make it more than just a place for storage. Here are some tricks on what to expect:

•    Sealant- It is important to first seal off the room so that heat will not escape and the cold won't creep in when winter comes around. This is easy enough to get done, and will also make your basement waterproof. All that you need is a paint roller and paintbrush to apply the sealer to the blocks walls. You may also choose to paint over this to give a more completed look to the sealer.

•    Heating and Cooling Costs- Most homes have their heating and cooling systems separate from their basement. Before you decide what equipment you need, you have to first consider what you will be utilizing the space for. If you decide to transform it into a social space, like an extra living room or maybe entertainment room, then large equipment will not be required if this is a sparingly used room. Portable, easy to turn on-and-off heaters and fans will suffice. But if you decide to make the room more liveable, like say an extra bedroom or guest room for long-term guests, then a more serious installation will be required.

Remember, your basement will always be the coolest part of your house, so go easy for preparing for the summertime. But a good heater will thus be even more important for when winter rolls around. Natural gas space heaters are very cheap, but oil filled radiators might be more efficient. Although they take a bit longer to start heating, once they do they are very cost efficient and low-maintenance. Go ahead and research the type of heater that would be perfect for your basement, keeping into consideration the size of the room, the use of the room, and what your budget will allow.

•    Electricity- This is another big factor to not just make your basement a comfortable room, but in managing your budget. Go with bright light fixtures that are energy efficient to cut cost. Consider also the light bulbs you will be using and you might find that you are able to save on a lot from simple things such as choosing one brand over another. This will help you save money to spend in other places, like furnishing your new room.
If you cannot manage these renovations alone, consider calling in some help, like Denver Basement Remodel professionals Aspen Basement Company. They will do for you what is too complicated to get done alone, and will make your basement space the addition to your home that you have been dreaming of. Go ahead, let them make your dreams come true.

September 24, 2011

What Is the True Cost of A Denver Basement Remodel?

If you are remodeling your basement and converting it into usable living space, you should have it checked out carefully first. The most important thing to look for is water intrusion: this could cause a mold problem. Go with your instincts: musty smells and stains on the floor or panels can all be signs of water problems. Water can come from outside the basement or from leaky pipes. A soggy basement could be a sign of expensive and costly foundation problems, too.

Denver Basement Remodel is among the upgrades that return more of your investment, but it depends on your residential area. In particular, the net benefit or value of every human resource in an organization should be greater than the fully burdened cost of that resource. If not, the resource should be let go to save the organization money – or perhaps the executive that issued and approved the requisition without a sound investment strategy should be let go. Either way, resource benefits should be greater than their cost. True project costs include all associated costs, including internal human resources.

If, for instance, you are just creating one large utilitarian space with one bathroom and a small kitchenette, professionally built, will start at $30 to $40 per square foot for a Denver basement remodel. This cost would then start to mount with more upscale choices in cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, flooring and ceiling finishing.

However, if you’re opting for a home theatre system with acoustic paneling and some proofing insulation along with other upscale amenities, your cost to for Denver basement remodel will likely to jump into the $50 to $80 per square foot range.

Some of the costs will also be affected by the configuration of your Denver basement remodel. If the location of your bathroom requires long runs of plumbing and venting, then it will cost you more than the standard $2,500 to $5,000 for a bathroom.

There is basically no definite cost for Denver basement remodel. However, the average Denver basement remodel is valued at $24,000, with a maximum of $50,000 and a minimum of $10,000.

When considering if you should build out your own Denver basement or hire Aspen Basement, you should think about how valuable your time is and the purpose of the project.
If you’re intending to use the space for a business, it’s likely that it would be better to focus on your business while a contractor completes the remodel. The most comprehensive approach to getting your Denver basement remodel would be to hire one contractor with broad construction expertise to manage materials, inspections, and supervise the work of many others. The contractor is your primary contact. The right contractor could become your partner for your series of projects and saved money.

Why You Should Have A Consultation With A Home Remodeler in Denver

Denver residents looking to have their home remodeled should know that this project is no simple task. This is why booking a consultation with a Denver home remodeler is essential to the remodeling process. If you're deciding on the perfect Denver basement remodel, there are endless different design options you can choose from. Whether you want a simple update on your current basement design or are looking to add different rooms and features to your current basement, seeking the experience of a Denver home remodeler is essential.

Unique Ideas
When you decide to have your home remodeled, you may have a million ideas floating around in your head. You may also be very lost and have no idea where to start or what to do with your Denver home remodel. Luckily, with the help of an expert Denver home remodeler, you no longer have to worry about finding that perfect design idea for your remodel project. Expert Denver home remodelers can provide you with numerous design ideas free of charge during your initial consultation. These experts know how to take an out-of-date basement and turn it into an ideal addition to any home. During the consultation process, home remodelers will listen to your ideas and concerns regarding your basement and work to create a one-of-a-kind plan to ensure your Denver home remodel satisfies all of your needs. 

Staying on Budget
No matter what type of home remodeling project you are looking to take on, you will first want to make sure you set a budget for your home remodel. Consultations are provided to customers completely free of charge, meaning you don't have to pay to hear some of the great ideas thought of for your Denver home remodel. Setting a budget and working with a Denver home remodeler to find the best options within your budget is one of the easiest ways to honor the budget you set for your project. Quality Denver home remodelers are professionals in the business of revamping basements and know the best ways to stretch your dollar. Having a consultation with a Denver home remodeler can give you a realistic idea of how much you can have done with a budget you are comfortable with. 

Ease of Mind
When you work with a quality home remodeler for your Denver basement remodel you can rest assured that you're project is being taken care of the right way. Project managers are dedicated to your specific basement remodel and are in charge of keeping you up-to-date with photos, progress reports and schedules. This means you are always in the loop with what is going on with your home. Even after your consultation, Denver home remodelers can give you a clear idea of how long your remodel will take, and what to expect during the remodel process, relieving you of the stress and anxiety sometimes associated with these types of projects. You can truly rest assured that your home and your basement are in the right hands.

August 25, 2011

Tips On Preparing For Your Denver Home Remodeler

 If you're looking into remodeling, then before you get started, you're going to want to take some precautionary steps to prepare for your Denver home remodeler. Having your home remodeled is a big decision, and it's certainly something you want to make sure you're prepared for.
  • Evaluate your home ahead of time
There are a lot of factors to take into account when evaluating your home. Consider the condition and type of your walls and floor, as it's important to know what kind of shape they're in ahead of time. You also want to consider headspace. Make sure there's adequate standing room in your basement before you go ahead with remodeling. The recommended amount of room is about 7 feet from floor to ceiling. If you don't have enough headroom the Denver home remodeler will have a challenge.
  • Check for moisture.
It's extremely important that you thoroughly examine your home for any moisture before going ahead with a Denver home remodeler. There are two types of moisture to look for: condensation, and seepage. Condensation is airborne vapor that turns to water after coming in contact with a surface, while seepage is moisture that enters the basement through cracks. Either type of moisture can be a problem, and waterproofing is necessary before making renovations.
  • Note the location of water heaters and pipes.
Often times, things like water heaters, pipes, and circuit boxes can pose large issues for your Denver home remodeler. Make sure ahead of time that these obstructions are movable, or easy to work around. Otherwise, you might be looking at a big problem.
  • Check for large cracks.
Make sure to thoroughly examine for any large cracks in your floor or walls. These can cause mayhem for the foundation and structuring of your home, so take the extra time to make sure you aren't plagued with any. Smaller cracks are less threatening, but they should also be sealed up to prevent moisture. It's important for your home to be crack-free before a Denver home remodeler visits.
  • Make sure you have enough exits.
Generally, your local building code will require two exits. Stairs up into your house count as one, but you'll also need a second one for safety reasons. A door works, and so does any window that can be opened from the inside.
  • Check for possible toxicity.
Sometimes, toxic elements can be present in basements, posing a danger to the inhabitant's health. Radon is the most common such element, and you'll never know it's there, as it has no color or odor. Before Denver home remodelers visit, you'll certainly want to have your basement checked for such elements. The Environmental Protection Agency offers free materials to help in testing for and diminishing radon levels.

If you follow all of these simple steps in preparing for your service from
Aspen Basement’s Denver home remodelers, you should be in great shape to get started with your renovations.