April 27, 2011

Structural and Architectural Feature Ideas For Basement Remodeling

Adding structural features to your Denver basement remodeling project is not as difficult as you may believe it is. In fact, many homeowners can create a very beautiful space that looks and feels nothing like a dingy basement. You can transform this space into something far more luxurious and useful than it is right now. Structural elements are a bit more difficult to put into place, which is why it is so important to turn to a trusted professional to do this work for you. The professionals at Aspen Basement Company can do just that and much more, for you.

Imagine What Your Space Could Be

Basement remodeling gives you the advantage of creating a space that really works for you. Of course, each person's needs are going to be different, but there are some wonderful ways to make structural changes to the space to really put it to use.

  • Create a multimedia room. Your basement remodeling project may include structural changes to allow for built in shelving for your entertainment gear, as well as a built in entertainment center. Soundproofing can also be helpful here. You never want to see wiring, either.
  • In a game room, you may want to look at areas that add more storage space or include inset televisions or entertainment features. You can also help ensure that gaming systems are built in.
  • Perhaps you want to make the location a bit more gourmet. To do so, add a wine cellar, or shelving for wine bottles. Add a small kitchen, or even just a few counter tops. Add the proper lighting and flooring and you have a gourmet style kitchen or bar in your basement.
  • Perhaps you want to use the space for entertaining but it is too dark. To fix this, include the addition of windows in the space. You can enlarge current windows or have new windows added. This makes the space more open and less like a traditional basement.
  • Create a spa with built in heated flooring, beautiful flooring materials and a new tub. You may also want to add features such as stain glass windows, walls and various spaces for relaxing.
In many cases, the structural changes you need in a space will divide the basement space to make it more functional for a number of reasons. You can add walls, or often remove them to open up the area. You can create entire rooms, such as creating a den. You may also want to consider options for laying out the space in a more efficient manner.

Denver basement remodeling projects like these are not too costly nor are they too complex to put into place. In many cases, you just need to invest a bit of time into finding the right company to make it work for you. Aspen Basement is that company. It offers the aid and information you need to make decisions about the structural changes of your basement. The only limitations you have are coming up with basement remodeling features you want for your space.

Add a Fireplace to Your Next Basement Remodel Project

As the spring rain comes down and you feel like snuggling, why not head to the basement for a bit of warmth. You can do that if you focus on a basement remodel that helps you to create a wonderful space, perhaps even including a fireplace in the area. While many people think of their basement as a storage area or perhaps a play place for their children, it can actually be a space that has far more to offer than that. You could easily create a beautiful, relaxing getaway with the right Denver basement remodel project. The good news is that Aspen Basement can help you to make this a real possibility. Add more luxury to your basement.

Ideas for Adding Luxury to Your Basement

A fireplace can be one of the best ways to add a bit of character and a lot of usefulness in a basement, but it is far from your only option. Some people do want to add this type of basement remodel to their space because it can help to create an area where you can relax and just forget about whatever is on your mind. A fireplace is one option. Here are a few more.

Do more with your basement space. Why not add a second kitchen to your home in the basement. It can help you to have more room for cooking or give you the entertainment space you want for when guests arrive. For example, instead of being limited upstairs, you can create a formal kitchen in the basement where guests can sit and relax, perhaps sip on wine while you prepare a meal.

  • Transform the area into a wine cellar, or just a wall filled with all of your favorite wines. This is the perfect way for you to create a beautiful space with function, too. Some systems can incorporate climate control, too.
  • Perhaps you would like to create a spa that you can enjoy at home. Set up the space to include a luxury bathroom in your basement remodel. It may be a large bathroom that features a luxurious tub, a sauna or just decorative features that help you to feel as if you have stepped into your favorite spa.
These are just a few ways to add function to your basement with true style. Create an entertainment area where you have surround sound, build in entertainment features and plenty of space to relax. Perhaps you want to create a space for dance or yoga. You can do that, too. Create a home office that helps you to create a very professional looking space for your business.

Think out of the box and think luxury when you consider all of your options for your basement remodel. If you have ideas, or want to get some, Aspen Basement is the ideal place to call. They will work with you, and work around your budget, to create the ideal space for you, based on what you need and want, and what you can dream of creating.

April 8, 2011

6 Breathtaking Ideas for Denver Basement Remodeling

How can Denver basement remodeling transform your unfinished basement? You may think you’d be happy with anything that takes this otherwise boring and limiting space and adds value to your home's function and to your life. Each person’s needs are different, but no matter what your needs or goals are, you can create an ideal space that is breathtakingly beautiful. What function would work best for your needs? If you are not sure, or have too many ideas floating in your head, check out a few of the options available to you from Aspen Basement Company (http://www.abcdenver.com/), a leader in the metropolitan Denver basement remodel industry.

Top Six Basement Remodeling Ideas

Check out the following ideas that could help to transform the way you view your basement. If your basement is dank, boring, or a wasted space right now, why not invest in a transformation that will make it into a useful and welcoming space that fits all of your needs?

The media room: Many homeowners are creating full scale media rooms in their basement. You can create a home theater room that completely transforms the look and perception of the space. With properly appointed furniture, sound proofing, the right decor and a comfortable flooring selection, you definitely can add value to your home. Most importantly, you have a space to welcome and entertain your family and friends.

Entertain with wet bars: If you want to use your Denver basement remodeling project to create a space for socializing, then create a bar atmosphere that will rival those in town. To create the best effect, focus first on creating a beautiful surrounding, with the right wall covering, flooring and color scheme. The key to this type of space is to create a luxurious space. But don’t invite too many people, or you may have to start charging a cover!

Wine storage: Perhaps you need your Denver basement remodel to add a functional benefit to the home, such as for wine storage. This is an excellent way to use this space because it is easier to create a cool, dark space that is required for wine storage. This is a unique feature that could add value to your home, too.

Game rooms: For many families, the kids are the focal point. Create a game room, for the young and the old kids in your family. With the right lighting, layout and the right amenities (think bowling alley, pool table, dart boards and more) you can create a unique room that you treasure spending time in.

Spa getaway: What if your basement could become a spa, a retreat and getaway for you and your spouse? With the right bathroom features, the right tub and incredible attention to detailing, from marble to tile work to the plumbing, it all can create that special space you adore relaxing in.

Exercise space: Do you spend time working out? A Denver basement remodeling project could help create a functional and energetic space to get you in the mood for a good workout. Create an area that focuses specifically on the equipment and your needs in that space. The right flooring and lighting is a must, and a good sound system to keep you entertained.

There is no doubt that a basement remodel can change your home, but have your considered how it could change your life? If you work with Aspen Basement, your Denver basement remodeling investment can add value, comfort, fun and function to your home like no other project. Keep in mind that you are only limited by your imagination in this space.

A Denver Home Remodeler with an Emphasis on Environment

Hiring a professional Denver Home Remodeler to handle your basement remodeling project is a must. No matter what your need, budget or goal for the final project is you can find a great contractor to make the project the best it can be in many regards. Aspen Basement Company in Denver ensures that your satisfaction is the center of the project. They do this by finding any way possible to make this experience stress-free and enjoyable for you, but they go a step further to make the project be different and memorable.

Focusing On Environment

One of the things that can set this company aside from other Denver basement remodeling businesses is their attention to detail. This is evident in their completed projects, of course, but also in the way they treat you, your home and your project. Take a look at a few important aspects of this company's business service that is rare to find with other providers.

• The company focuses on recycling whenever possible. Their attention to the environment helps you to know that your project did not create any unnecessary footprints and damage. The company works to recycle any materials possible from your project.

• The act of focusing on the environment through recycling products isn’t just a good act, it actually helps saves you money. Instead of having to pay for wasted products that are completely usable, you end up paying less for your project. This makes a big difference in your bottom line.

• The company plans for and takes care of things that others do not, such as waste management. You may have had a bad experience in the past like so many others in which a Denver Home Remodeler does a poor job of taking care of your property and home, as they trek into and out of the property. Other companies are notorious for leaving building materials lying around, creating a dangerous situation for your family, and a chore that you end up having to clean.

What does this show about a Denver home remodeler or basement remodeling company you are working with? A company that pays attention to the details and knows the importance of maintaining your property properly is going to do a fantastic job on your remodeling project. They care about your home, just like they care about the environment. Overall, you could spend thousands of dollars fixing the other guy's work, and making repairs to damages left by the other company, or you can save money, protect the environment and have a great looking home as a result.

Keep in mind that not all companies offer a poor service. It is always a good idea to know who you are working with for your basement and remodeling project. To do just that, focus specifically on a company like Aspen Basement Company of Denver. This company's commitment to providing the best product, the best price and the best attention to detail will pay off in your checkbook, too. Take the time to find out how this company can serve your needs and create a unique project that you are proud to call your own.

The Do's and Dont's for Choosing a Denver Home Remodeler

Choosing a Denver home remodeler can seem like a daunting task. There is, after all, a wide range of professionals in the area that may be able to fill the need you have. The fact is, though, some are better than others. As you take into consideration different remodelers for your project, know the do's and don'ts of choosing a company. By avoiding certain mistakes you can set yourself up to have a truly successful project from start to finish. Aspen Basement is the company to call when you are ready to begin your remodeling project.

The Do's

Here are some of the things you want to take into consideration as you look for a Denver home remodeler. These tips safeguard you, your home and your investment.
  • Plan out your project. In a home basement remodel, you want to see detailed plans of what is going to happen. This is the only way to truly protect yourself from the unknown and to know that what you have in your mind can be reality.
  • Make sure the contractor has a state license and has all of the necessary qualifications to work for you. You should know the history of that license, too.
  • Take the time to check out the contractor with the Better Business Bureau. This is an easy way to find out if there are any complaints about the company from previous clients or from previous projects.
  • Be sure that the contract outlines options for your safety so that if a problem arises with the provider you are able to stop the project. Provide funds over a period of time, rather than all at the start of the project.
The Don'ts

Making mistakes when hiring a Denver Home Remodeler can cost you big time. The more information you have, and the better you protect yourself, the more likely your project will be a success.

  • Avoid pushy salesmen. You do not want to fall victim to a salesman that promises more than he can provide.
  • You don't want to pay cash for the transaction, especially without a receipt.
  • Avoid taking on big remodeling projects on your own, unless you have extensive experience in the industry. It can become more expensive and taxing than you realize.
  • Never go into a transaction without confidence in your Denver home remodeler. Ask questions.
  • Do not rush into choosing a Denver home remodeler, take your time to shop around. You want the best professional to handle your project because it deserves that level of attention.
The goal is to have a successful project from start to finish. The only way for that to happen is if you plan in advance and take steps to ensure you have the right Denver home remodeler for the job. The good news is that Aspen Basement is that company for you. Talk to a trained professional today to learn how they can change the look of your next project.

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Why You Need Design and Blueprints for Your Denver Basement Remodeling

As you consider the benefits of working with Denver basement remodeling professionals, realize that the best providers offer more than just a basic quote. Imagine handing over your car to the repair technician and asking them to simply to fix it. You would not do that without approving the detailed plans before allowing the work to begin. The same thing is true for your home. You need to have a firm idea of what the Denver basement remodeling professionals plan to do before you agree to the terms. This is one reason to work with Aspen Basement. They take the guesswork out of your remodeling project’s process.

Why So Many Details?

Taking advantage of the blueprints and design work that Aspen Basement develops is important for your project for several reasons.

  • The only way to know the cost of remodeling your basement is to have a firm set of blueprints and information about what needs to be done.
  • Detailed pricing means you have options. If you do not want to use the recommended option, you can easily find another solution. You can make changes to the blueprints and design images to ensure that it is within your budget.
  • Make changes to the blueprint if you need to do so. Perhaps you really do not like the look of the flooring, or the walls are just not right. By having this design in front of you, you can make changes to better fit your needs. If you did not have these detailed plans ahead of time, the problems would become harder to change.
One of the benefits of having this extensive detailing done is to actually be able to see what your basement will look like. The Denver basement remodeling professionals will work with you to make sure that the image in your mind is what actually comes through in your finished project.

Have you already hired someone to do the design work for you? That is okay. You get the design details, the list of materials and the blueprints of the work to be done and Aspen Basement will still work with you to make it happen. The company will use state of the art software to create a 3D image of your basement, for all views. That way, you know exactly what you are getting.

The good news is that it has never been easier to get the basement you are dreaming about. Aspen Basement makes it easy, providing the information you need to make a decision. You will know exactly what the cost is and what it will look like, too. It takes only a few minutes to get the process started. Contact the leaders in Denver basement remodeling by calling Aspen Basement Company. Now is the time to make your dream basement a reality.