April 8, 2011

6 Breathtaking Ideas for Denver Basement Remodeling

How can Denver basement remodeling transform your unfinished basement? You may think you’d be happy with anything that takes this otherwise boring and limiting space and adds value to your home's function and to your life. Each person’s needs are different, but no matter what your needs or goals are, you can create an ideal space that is breathtakingly beautiful. What function would work best for your needs? If you are not sure, or have too many ideas floating in your head, check out a few of the options available to you from Aspen Basement Company (http://www.abcdenver.com/), a leader in the metropolitan Denver basement remodel industry.

Top Six Basement Remodeling Ideas

Check out the following ideas that could help to transform the way you view your basement. If your basement is dank, boring, or a wasted space right now, why not invest in a transformation that will make it into a useful and welcoming space that fits all of your needs?

The media room: Many homeowners are creating full scale media rooms in their basement. You can create a home theater room that completely transforms the look and perception of the space. With properly appointed furniture, sound proofing, the right decor and a comfortable flooring selection, you definitely can add value to your home. Most importantly, you have a space to welcome and entertain your family and friends.

Entertain with wet bars: If you want to use your Denver basement remodeling project to create a space for socializing, then create a bar atmosphere that will rival those in town. To create the best effect, focus first on creating a beautiful surrounding, with the right wall covering, flooring and color scheme. The key to this type of space is to create a luxurious space. But don’t invite too many people, or you may have to start charging a cover!

Wine storage: Perhaps you need your Denver basement remodel to add a functional benefit to the home, such as for wine storage. This is an excellent way to use this space because it is easier to create a cool, dark space that is required for wine storage. This is a unique feature that could add value to your home, too.

Game rooms: For many families, the kids are the focal point. Create a game room, for the young and the old kids in your family. With the right lighting, layout and the right amenities (think bowling alley, pool table, dart boards and more) you can create a unique room that you treasure spending time in.

Spa getaway: What if your basement could become a spa, a retreat and getaway for you and your spouse? With the right bathroom features, the right tub and incredible attention to detailing, from marble to tile work to the plumbing, it all can create that special space you adore relaxing in.

Exercise space: Do you spend time working out? A Denver basement remodeling project could help create a functional and energetic space to get you in the mood for a good workout. Create an area that focuses specifically on the equipment and your needs in that space. The right flooring and lighting is a must, and a good sound system to keep you entertained.

There is no doubt that a basement remodel can change your home, but have your considered how it could change your life? If you work with Aspen Basement, your Denver basement remodeling investment can add value, comfort, fun and function to your home like no other project. Keep in mind that you are only limited by your imagination in this space.

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