May 24, 2011

Tips for Denver Basement Remodeling: EPA Lead Certification

When it comes to starting a Denver basement remodeling project, there are a variety of factors that play a role in a successful process. One of the major concerns with a project is making sure that the materials currently found in the home, and the new ones being built into it, are safe. One of the things you do need to pay attention to is lead paint. Though most contractors stopped using lead pain in the 1970's, there is still the risk that homes built through 1978 still have this product in place. Therefore, anyone who has a home built prior to 1978 should have a lead paint test done to determine if their home is free from this menacing additive. To do that, turn to a trusted provider, such as Aspen Basement Company in Denver. This company holds EPA lead certification so they follow the necessary processes to both rid the house of current lead paint, and that it is safe during and after the home or basement remodeling process.

Why It Matters
Lead, a naturally occurring material, is not good for humans. Studies show that lead paint may cause a variety of emotional and developmental conditions in people. Lead has links to autism, cancers, psychological effects and many others. You need to keep your family safe whenever you are doing any type of construction in your home. Touching, breathing it in or otherwise being exposed to lead can cause a number of health problems for people. To avoid this, always turn to a trusted Denver basement remodeling professional certified in lead testing and avoidance.
What to Look for
If you are considering a basement remodel, it is critical to have a certified EPA lead tester handle the process for you. This ensures that the remodeling process will keep lead at bay. Here are some things you need to know.
·    If your home was built before 1978, the company will test for lead paint where the remodeling will take place. Denver basement remodeling company Aspen Basement will ensure the proper steps are followed to make this occur.

·    If lead is present, the company will take extra steps to ensure that the lead does not enter your home's atmosphere. This means keeping dust levels as low as possible. Special equipment and systems are necessary to make this happen.

·    You can learn more about lead by asking your Denver basement remodeling company for a copy of Renovate Right, a brochure produced by the EPA that shows the dangers of lead poisoning and how the remodeler will reduce your risks of contamination.
Once your home completes the remodel, the lead paint will be something you do not have to deal with. Be sure to ask the Denver basement remodeling company for any documentation that shows that the work area is safe for you to use as normal.
The good news is that lead does not have to be a big factor in your home remodeling project. With the aid of professionals like Denver basement remodeling company Aspen Basement, you can rest easy knowing these professionals have everything you need to get the project done without the risk to your family. These professionals have the training, knowledge and experience to manage lead situations effectively so your family remains safe.

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