July 29, 2011

How to Add Luxury to Your Denver Home Remodeling Project

Snow-capped mountains, the beauty of the city's skyline and mild temperatures all describe the majesty and beauty of the city of Denver. The picturesque scenery provides the backdrop for many postcards and national publications. Being in a beautiful environment such as Denver motivates Denver residents to update their homes in a manner that is consistent with the beauty of their environment. Consequently, Denver home remodeling tasks can often be expensive. However, with a few helpful tips and elbow grease your dream home will not only be a figment of your imagination but an actual reality at a low cost.

If your Denver home remodeling budget does not accommodate updating the entire home then focus on two key areas that are sure to maximize your investment--the kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and your home's appraisal value will skyrocket with these updates. Granite countertops are Denver home remodeling favorites; however natural stone products work well also. Rid yourself of the outdated laminate flooring and have a neutral-colored tile installed instead. Make sure your replacement decisions are not based on trends and current fads, but on classic pieces that can add elegance and joy to your home which will prevent you from feeling compelled to remodel your home again in the next five years because your Denver home remodeling exploit is already outdated.

Be sure to hire a reputable, bonded and referred Denver home remodeling company that will assist in making your remodeling dreams come true. If you absolutely love your neighbors’ kitchen or a remodel they had done in their home, ask for their contractors contact info and schedule an interview or consultation. Be sure to explain your remodeling goals in great detail. Do not take it for granted the contractor will know exactly what your design goals are if you are vague in your descriptions to him/her. Also, during this consultation negotiate the price you are willing to spend. In most cases, you will exceed your budget but make sure you are comfortable with the quoted amount. If not, continue to look for another contractor. Most contractors negotiate so be sure to do so.

Your Denver home remodeling project will be full of excitement and exasperation. The best way to prevent the remodeling blues is to hire a great team that will execute your vision, leave some wiggle room in your budget for unanticipated design "hiccups" and be patient. Your Denver home remodeling project may take some time to be completed and living in a home that is being remodeled is not a task for the weak at heart; however, know that it will be well worth the wait once the remodel is finished and you can enjoy the luxurious environment of Denver inside of the confines of your home. 

See Aspen's specialty Denver home remodeling features for more ideas.

July 25, 2011

Are Home Remodelers Good Basement Remodelers?

If you're in the market for a Denver basement remodeler, you might think that any house remodeler could do the job pretty much the same as any other remodeler, right? Actually, that's not always the case.

While there's no doubt that you will find a Denver basement remodeler that can do the job well among ordinary home remodelers, the one does not automatically guarantee the other.

For one thing, basements are finite spaces. Design becomes all the more crucial when you don't have the option of simply knocking out a wall, and expanding the space you're working in.

Then there's the fact that doing a good job (not to mention not disrupting your whole house and family), in a confined space, is also something of an art form, and one that some home remodelers have yet to master.

Other considerations include making sure that there's adequate lighting and ventilation to comply with laws, inspecting the basement structure for existing problems like mold before starting, and a host of other small but very important issues that need to be addressed by your Denver basement remodeler!

Of course, if you are looking for a basement remodeler in Denver, you might be wondering how you can be sure that all your bases are covered. Here are a few tips that should help you to distinguish between a great contractor, and one that might leave you feeling less than delighted:
  1. Look for basement remodeling firms that specialize in this type of contract. Companies with a track record of successful project completion, who have happy customers willing to testify to their work.
  2. Find a company that offers design assistance and advice. Good basement remodelers (Denver or elsewhere) will offer you free advice and assistance before they ever give you a quote for the job.
  3. Ask about legal compliance. Not only do you need to be sure that all work is compliant with building codes, you also need to make sure that the company you're working with has the relevant permits for the job.
  4. Choose a company that has a professional project management system. Having a plan for your basement remodel in place before work starts, and proper controls while it's ongoing can make all the difference in terms of time, cost and convenience.
  5. Look for guarantees. Companies that are willing to guarantee workmanship are always a good bet, whether it's in basement remodeling or any other aspect of construction or contracting.
The truth is, not all Denver basement remodelers are home remodelers, and not all home remodelers have the specific skills and experience to successfully complete what is a specialize job.

It's always best to work with professionals, who have experience and skill in performing this type of specialize remodeling, rather than trusting the job to the cheapest contractor, or to a contractor who underestimates the specific challenges of remodeling basements.

Do your homework before hiring a contractor, and you should find that the job goes off without a hitch - just the way you want it to.

July 22, 2011

Top 10 Signs a Home Remodeler is Untrustworthy

Trusting that you are working with the best Denver home remodeler available is critical, but it is not always a given. Unless you take the time to ensure you are contracting with the best of the best, you cannot guarantee the job that any professional does. However, you can spot a problem remodeler well in advance of hiring them.
Before you hire any Denver home remodeler, know what to look for in that company. The following are some the key things to look for in this type of professional.
10 Signs To Look For
  1. Be sure you can verify the details of the contractor. This includes the contractor's name, address, phone number and other credentials provided. The easiest way to do this is to check out the address provided.
  2. Be sure to ask for references. Call those references. If the contractor does not offer them, be leery of the service he or she is providing. After all, he should be happy to provide you with references to show off the work done.
  3. Realize that you do not have to feel pressured into signing a contract. The best sales professionals listen to your needs, create the project design and then allow you to make a decision about whether or not it is right for you.
  4. Avoid contract signing limitations. For example, if the contractor says that the price is only good if you sign the contract today, which may be a problem. Why can't they give you time to make some comparisons with other companies?
  5. Did they give you their license information? Did they provide the insurance information you need? If they did not, or you cannot verify it is accurate look somewhere else for this information.
  6. Avoid scenarios where the salesperson wants you to pay for your entire project upfront. You also want to avoid situations where they want you to pay in cash, upfront. Your contract should allow you to pay by check or money order for your projection.
  7. Did you check the Better Business Bureau for the company? Is the company listed in the telephone book or at least through a local trade provider? If not, this could be a sign of a new company without experience, or one that is simply unable to join such organizations.
  8. You have the Right of Rescission on any contract. That means that up to three days after signing a contract, you have the ability to get out of it. Does your Denver home remodeler recognize this?
  9. The information you get from the contract is out of date? That means you should not be working with the company.
  10. You should always have your questions answered properly and thoroughly.
If these things are not happening when you talk to a Denver home remodeler, it may be time to find a new one. Aspen Basement is a Denver home remodeler that you can trust because this company goes out of the way to ensure that you have the most effective solution with the best possible construction.

101: Budgeting for your Denver Basement Remodel

The Denver basement remodel you plan to do may have you worried. Can you afford the project? How do you know how much to plan for? Many times, larger home remodeling projects can be very expensive, but that does not mean they have to be impossible to do. The good news is that you can create a great budget, stick to it and find yourself getting the type of finished look you want and need. When you work with Aspen Basement, the company will work with you to help you to achieve the goals you have, within your budget.

The Big Question             
The biggest question you have to answer is how much can you afford. The fact is, you are either going to take on debt to pay for the remodel or you may use savings. You may want to tap into a home equity loan. Rather than allowing a Denver home remodeler to create a budget for you, you set the budget and then contact a remodeler to find out what they can do for you within that budget.

One of the questions to ask yourself is how long you plan to live in your home. Experts say that if you plan to be there for more than ten years, you should work to create the home of your dreams. On the other hand, if you plan to leave sooner, do projects that are within your budget and within the real estate comparisons for your local area.

Next, consider your current debt obligations. What are you already paying on a monthly basis? Would adding this new debt into your current debt load be something you can afford to do? Consider all of your expenses and then determine how much more you can afford to spend towards a remodeling project. Gather all sources of income next. Find out how much money you have coming in.

From this point, you want to consider how much debt to income ratio you are taking on if you take on the remodeling project. To calculate this, add the estimated monthly payment for the project to your current monthly expenses. Divide this by your gross monthly income. In most cases, lenders will approve debt to income ratios that are under 45 percent, sometimes slightly more. If you are spending too much of your income on your expenses, chances are good that you are going to struggle to make payments and lenders will not loan to you at that point.

Work the numbers until you get the right amount you can pay for the home remodeling project you plan to do. Then, consider the best contractor for your project. If you plan to redo the basement, turn to Denver basement remodel professionals Aspen Basement for the help you need to get your project underway. Once you get the financing straightened out, you will feel more comfortable working with your lenders and getting the project underway. Large or small projects, including redoing your basement can be manageable when you approach it in this manner.