August 25, 2011

How To Get Your Denver Basement Remodel Project Started

A lot of those who own homes discover that over time, the house that use to be large and spacey has become cramped. If this is your condition, then you will find that turning your basement into a Denver basement remodel project will provide added living space and both worth and functionality useful to your home. The way you conclude the open and unused basement space will establish how you use it, but the fundamental stages concerning renewal are the same.

Make a Decision
Choose how you would like to use your refined basement. You have numerous options in your Denver basement remodel; entering a bedroom, a television room, a recreation room, an exercise room, a playroom, a man cave or a workplace.

Design the new basement. You can sketch the plans on paper, hire an architect or use a computer-aided design program. What the basement will be used for plays a major role in the design process.

Repair cracks in the concrete walls and floor, and cover them with concrete sealant. If the cracks are large, have the foundation inspected by a professional to determine the extent of the damage.

Framework and Expert help
Next, framework the blank concrete walls, after your resident building codes. This contains fastening pressure-treated boards named sill plates fastened to the floor in the vicinity of the perimeter of the area, then securing the assembled wall frames with nails to the sill plates and the ceiling joists. The usual arrangement for studs is 16 to 17 inches, but to make sure, always refer to your local building instructions. It is important that you appoint expert plumbers and electricians to do any for the plumbing or electrical areas. You might already be familiar with this work yourself but local guidelines may command that you have a specialized expert finish the job or review the work that you accomplished yourself.

Insert insulation to the walls. You can also attach rolls of fiberglass insulation among the studs, or spray foam that is expanding insulation sandwiched between the studs. Put in drywall on the walls and ceiling by hammering drywall screws straight through the drywall and into the fasteners and joists. Make sure that you conceal the joints with joint compound and drywall tape of your Denver basement remodel.

Using the primer, start painting the walls, and then include at least three coverings of paint. Mount the flooring. Smooth out the floor, and lay a subfloor entailing of concrete backer board to the uncovered concrete level. At that time you need to put the new floor down. If you think that your basement could get wet, try using tile in place of hardwood or carpet.


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