August 25, 2011

Tips On Preparing For Your Denver Home Remodeler

 If you're looking into remodeling, then before you get started, you're going to want to take some precautionary steps to prepare for your Denver home remodeler. Having your home remodeled is a big decision, and it's certainly something you want to make sure you're prepared for.
  • Evaluate your home ahead of time
There are a lot of factors to take into account when evaluating your home. Consider the condition and type of your walls and floor, as it's important to know what kind of shape they're in ahead of time. You also want to consider headspace. Make sure there's adequate standing room in your basement before you go ahead with remodeling. The recommended amount of room is about 7 feet from floor to ceiling. If you don't have enough headroom the Denver home remodeler will have a challenge.
  • Check for moisture.
It's extremely important that you thoroughly examine your home for any moisture before going ahead with a Denver home remodeler. There are two types of moisture to look for: condensation, and seepage. Condensation is airborne vapor that turns to water after coming in contact with a surface, while seepage is moisture that enters the basement through cracks. Either type of moisture can be a problem, and waterproofing is necessary before making renovations.
  • Note the location of water heaters and pipes.
Often times, things like water heaters, pipes, and circuit boxes can pose large issues for your Denver home remodeler. Make sure ahead of time that these obstructions are movable, or easy to work around. Otherwise, you might be looking at a big problem.
  • Check for large cracks.
Make sure to thoroughly examine for any large cracks in your floor or walls. These can cause mayhem for the foundation and structuring of your home, so take the extra time to make sure you aren't plagued with any. Smaller cracks are less threatening, but they should also be sealed up to prevent moisture. It's important for your home to be crack-free before a Denver home remodeler visits.
  • Make sure you have enough exits.
Generally, your local building code will require two exits. Stairs up into your house count as one, but you'll also need a second one for safety reasons. A door works, and so does any window that can be opened from the inside.
  • Check for possible toxicity.
Sometimes, toxic elements can be present in basements, posing a danger to the inhabitant's health. Radon is the most common such element, and you'll never know it's there, as it has no color or odor. Before Denver home remodelers visit, you'll certainly want to have your basement checked for such elements. The Environmental Protection Agency offers free materials to help in testing for and diminishing radon levels.

If you follow all of these simple steps in preparing for your service from
Aspen Basement’s Denver home remodelers, you should be in great shape to get started with your renovations.


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