October 31, 2011

Some Cost Considerations Involved With Finishing Your Basement

Basement remodeling is different than redoing any other room in your home. The basement has tricky hidden costs that other rooms don't require. This doesn't mean that your basement cannot be a beautiful, liveable space your family can enjoy. Make it more than just a place for storage. Here are some tricks on what to expect:

•    Sealant- It is important to first seal off the room so that heat will not escape and the cold won't creep in when winter comes around. This is easy enough to get done, and will also make your basement waterproof. All that you need is a paint roller and paintbrush to apply the sealer to the blocks walls. You may also choose to paint over this to give a more completed look to the sealer.

•    Heating and Cooling Costs- Most homes have their heating and cooling systems separate from their basement. Before you decide what equipment you need, you have to first consider what you will be utilizing the space for. If you decide to transform it into a social space, like an extra living room or maybe entertainment room, then large equipment will not be required if this is a sparingly used room. Portable, easy to turn on-and-off heaters and fans will suffice. But if you decide to make the room more liveable, like say an extra bedroom or guest room for long-term guests, then a more serious installation will be required.

Remember, your basement will always be the coolest part of your house, so go easy for preparing for the summertime. But a good heater will thus be even more important for when winter rolls around. Natural gas space heaters are very cheap, but oil filled radiators might be more efficient. Although they take a bit longer to start heating, once they do they are very cost efficient and low-maintenance. Go ahead and research the type of heater that would be perfect for your basement, keeping into consideration the size of the room, the use of the room, and what your budget will allow.

•    Electricity- This is another big factor to not just make your basement a comfortable room, but in managing your budget. Go with bright light fixtures that are energy efficient to cut cost. Consider also the light bulbs you will be using and you might find that you are able to save on a lot from simple things such as choosing one brand over another. This will help you save money to spend in other places, like furnishing your new room.
If you cannot manage these renovations alone, consider calling in some help, like Denver Basement Remodel professionals Aspen Basement Company. They will do for you what is too complicated to get done alone, and will make your basement space the addition to your home that you have been dreaming of. Go ahead, let them make your dreams come true.