November 29, 2011

Blending Art and Expertise - The Essential Strength of a Home Remodeler

You have decided to remodel the one part of your home that has long been ignored, the basement.  Too often the basement of a home seems to not fall into the overall design and feeling of the bigger home, but with the right home remodeler your basement may quickly turn into one of the best features of your home.

We are no longer talking about the 1970s rec rooms, today's basements can truly become a focal point of the home.  With the help of a company like the Aspen Builders Company, this space quickly goes well beyond function and turns into a true design master piece.

As you start to look at choosing a home remodeler, the first step is to take a look at their work.  A great example of a photo gallery of the possibilities can be found at These photo galleries may open up many uses for the basement you might have event considered, like wine storage, a spa or the ever popular game room/"man cave".

The options are endless, all you need to decide is what you wish to use the space for and take it from there.  Here are just a few of the possible uses:
  1. Media Room. Many people opt for the basement to be the focus of their home entertainment.  This can mean a larger screen TV with recliners for the sports fans or more of a home theatre set up for movie buffs. The built in options a quality home remodeler can offer you take the space well beyond just a TV room into a well-designed addition to your home.
  2. Spa Retreat.  An empty basement can be transformed into a spa retreat with the addition of personal steam room, oversized spa tub or high end shower set ups.  A spa area with a well-designed tile feature can create a relaxing in home retreat that you may not have had space for otherwise.
  3. Home Gym. If you have a family that likes to work out or someone that is training for a particular sport the space can be turned into a high end work out center.  This is also nice with the addition of the Spa items listed above.
  4. Game Room/Wet Bar. Whether you are an empty nester or living with a house full of teens, a game room is a great way to keep either friends or family entertained.  For teens in the family, a pool table and other games is a fun way to spend many hours.  After the kids leave home the space can be expanded to include wine storage as well.
Click here to see a photo gallery of Basement Finishing Ideas by Aspen Builders.

However you decide to use the space, finding a home remodeler like Aspen Builders in Denver will ensure the space turns out to be both functional and a high quality design.  The balance between artistry and function ensures that the space will become one of your favorite parts of the home.


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