December 29, 2011

Combine Your House Remodeling Project with De-Brassification

If you’re in the midst of home remodel in Denver of if looking ahead it seems like Denver house remodelingcould be in your future, coupling your home remodel with other improvements is the best way to do things. One thing which you may wish to consider is de-brassification. 

The term “de-brassification” may be unfamiliar to you but if you’re a homeowner in Denver chances are you’ve got some brass in your home that needs to be gotten rid of. While updating the home is something which homeowners are usually thinking about, it’s often more out of necessity (roof leak, insulation in the walls) or cosmetic (crumbling walkway, new paint) instead of doing the things to your home which need to be done. It often takes a great deal of drilling down deep for homeowners to consider their whole home all the way down to the fixtures.

Have a look around your home. You may find brass fixtures at various stages of decay. You should probably start with the most in-need fixtures first and work backwards from there. Another smart way to do a project like this is go room by room so that you can get the maximum quality upgrade in every room as you go.

Brass fixtures could be anywhere in your home; on a screen door, in an older bedroom, in a less tended to office; but generally you’re going to find brass fixtures in the most prevalence in three spots; in your kitchen, in your bath and in your basement.

When you’re looking at many of the fixtures in your bathroom you could be talking about brass in a variety of places. Whether it’s in sink faucets, older shower heads, or any of the other bathroom fixture where brass is utilized, older brass in the bathroom has got to go. If you’re putting in a new tub or ripping out that old countertop for a fresh look, getting the brass can be a great way to combine your bathroom remodeling project with de-brassification.

Much the same as the bath; when you’re dealing with kitchen remodeling you want everything to be new. Replacing the brass fixtures in your kitchen when you’re putting in new counter-tops or floors can lead to a complete transformation on your remodel.

One more spot where getting the brass out could be helpful is when you’re remodeling your basement. Oftentimes when you are remodeling your basement you are going for a totally fresh look. Maybe you’re taking an unused, dank, damp storage space and turning it into a multipurpose rec room. Or maybe your once vacant basement space will now be a fitness center, craft area, artist’s studio, music station, or man cave. Whatever your remodel ideas are, taking the brass from the space can help make your basement more functional and less of an imposition.

At the end of the day whatever you decide to do with your remodeling space is your call. But taking the brass from the equation and adding in softer replacements which make the space more functional, more user friendly, and more livable is one of the best things which any homeowner can do. Home is for living, after all; making your space more livable with a remodel and de-brassification is one sure way to raise everyone’s enjoyment of the house.


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