December 29, 2011

Looking for a Bathroom Update: Try Euro Style Shower Enclosures

If you are looking for a Denver home remodeler to help you redesign your bathroom, consider asking about Euro style shower enclosures. A Euro style shower is an enclosure with frameless doors and wall panels made of tempered glass, custom-made for the space and design needs of the individual home. These enclosures use little hardware in order to emphasize the clean appearance of their design, and the hardware pieces come in a variety of finishes to compliment your existing fixtures. Mounted on granite, marble, tile, slate, or a similar hard surface, a Euro style shower enclosure uses glass available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The door of the enclosure uses self-centering hinges which enable the door to swing inward or out with equal ease.

The unique benefit of Euro style shower enclosures lies in the fact that they are custom-made. If your bathroom has an unusual shape, odd angles, or uneven walls, a Euro style enclosure is the perfect solution to your design conundrum, as it can be built to fit your space. Even better, your shower enclosure will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Because a Euro style shower incorporates a minimal use of hardware, it helps to create the illusion that your space is larger and more luxurious. That, in combination with the transparent enclosure walls, allows you to showcase your decorative tile work and contributes to an overall feeling of spa indulgence in your own home.

Because the shower door pivots rather than sliding on a track, cleaning your Euro style shower enclosure is much easier than in a traditional shower, particularly since the lack of a sliding track eliminates the need for a door groove where standing water can collect and breed mold. Euro style enclosures can be installed in bathtub-and-shower combinations as well, replacing your old shower curtain which can easily let water out onto your floor and attracts mildew. Your shower door can also be coated with a sealer before installation, which removes the need to wipe or squeegee and helps your shower maintain a spotless appearance for years.
When looking for a Denver home remodeler to make your bathroom renovation a reality, two traits are paramount: expertise and reliability. You want a company with the experience and skills necessary to complete your job the way you want it, and someone you can trust to stand by their work and keep their promises. On both counts, Aspen Builders is the best choice for a Denver home remodeler.

Aspen Builders will work with you to develop your ideal design, taking into consideration your style choices, financial considerations, and the logistical needs of your space. Our detailed plans include 3D computer models, a complete materials list, and a comprehensive work schedule, so the process will hold no surprises for you. Aspen Builders takes care of any necessary permits for your project, and manages every aspect of the construction process. Your space is swept clean and safe at the end of every working day; you won't be left tripping over dangerous debris.

It is always wise to check into the reputation of any Denver home remodeler before inviting them into your home, and look for reviews from previous clients. Aspen Builders is fully licensed and insured for construction and remodeling work in Denver and several surrounding areas, and maintains an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. We use post-construction surveys to acquire feedback from customers and improve service, and all work comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Numerous testimonials from satisfied customers point to Aspen Builders as your ideal choice for a Denver home remodeler. View Aspen Builders Bathroom and Spa Remodeling Photo Gallery for ideas!


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