October 24, 2012

Bathroom Remodeling Denver - Toilet Problems Begone!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you were able to complete the remodeling of your bathroom in time for the holidays this year?  It's not only amazing, it's also possible!  With the help of a professional, you'll be able to hold all of your favorite holiday parties and events right in your very own home, and show off your brand new bathroom in the process.  Because Aspen Builders are the experts on bathroom remodeling, Denver has relied on us for years to provide great work and beautiful bathrooms.

An Overall Transformation Vs. A Facelift

Before you begin, it's important to know what type of remodeling you want to do in your bathroom.  If you want an overall transformation, including moving fixtures to different locations in the room, that will require more time and an additional investment.  If you only want a facelift for the room, keeping the plumbing for fixtures in the same places, it will take less time and be less expensive.


Nothing gives a bathroom a fresh appearance like a new floor.  There are many different styles of tile you can choose from.  Or, you can mix and match to create a look that is all your own.  For example, if you find that you've fallen in love with a particular style that carries a hefty pricetag, you might consider placing those tiles sporadically within other, less expensive tiles (basic white, for example). There are many different options you can choose to create a floor design that's all your own, and we can help you decide what would work best in your bathroom.


Do you have your heart set on a certain bathtub design?  Would you like a certain style of bathroom sink, or even create a vanity with double sinks?  Regardless of what you're thinking for the fixtures in your bathroom remodeling, Denver has relied on us to provide our expert advice to create gorgeous bathrooms for years.  We will be able to advise you on what would look best and work within your space.  And we'll be able to work with you to get your project completed before the holidays come.  So, go ahead and dream about that new walk-in shower or that larger-than-life bathtub.  We'll make it happen for you.

Because there's something truly special about bathroom remodeling, Denver has called upon Aspen Builders and our skilled craftsman to create masterpieces that other companies simply cannot duplicate.  The holidays are right around the corner, so if you've been having nightmares about having to plunge the toilet (yet again) at this year's New Year's Eve party, let us put your fears to rest.  With Aspen Builders, you're guaranteed to be in good hands.  For more information on how to begin your bathroom remodeling project, contact us today!

October 8, 2012

Your Denver Kitchen Renovation: Another Reason To Come Home For The Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, and perhaps ever since summer ended, you've had those nagging thoughts in the back of your mind that it's time to get going on those home renovations.  You're dying to spend this holiday season entertaining in style.  If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place.  Sprucing up your space can be done before your relatives and friends start arriving for party after party.  If you're looking for a professional Denver kitchen renovation, rest assured that we can take care of all of your renovation needs.

Counter Space

Nothing breathes new life into a kitchen than brand new counter tops.  If you're planning on incorporating a new kitchen renovation into your home remodeling plans, new counter tops are a great place to start your planning.  What types of designs interest you the most?  In fact, consider your dream kitchen.  What better time to make it happen for your home than right now, just in time for the holidays?  A granite counter top might be a part of your desires.  Or perhaps you'd like to add a Corian counter top.  Be sure to evaluate all of your options (and there are many!) to get the one that's right for you and your home.


Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like a gorgeous new floor.  However, many people are having the same thought as you are this time of year.  So, if you have a new floor on your list of things you'd love to see as a part of your Denver kitchen renovation, it's best to act fast so you're sure to get the style you want, and see it done in time for those fast approaching holidays.


Once you've come up with all of your ideas for what you'd love to see happen during your kitchen renovation, you'll want to consider adding new lighting.  Great lighting is an important and elegant way to highlight all of the changes you've made.  Just imagine the look on your caterer's face when she is able to work in a brand new, freshly renovated kitchen!  You'll want to show off your new lights for every holiday this year, topping it off of course, with a beautiful New Year's Eve party.  With lighting that can be adjusted to fit the mood of your celebrations, your party will be a huge hit among all of your friends.

At Aspen Builders, we're dedicated to providing you with everything you've ever dreamed of for your upcoming Denver kitchen renovation.  Your satisfaction is our main concern.  We pride ourselves on providing the kind of work for our customers that they can depend on.  We pride ourselves on understanding what you'd like to see happen for your kitchen.  And we're the professionals to get the job done right, and on time.  We'll celebrate your success when you introduce your friends and family to your brand new kitchen.  To get started on your Denver kitchen renovation project, contact us today. 303.471.4355

September 14, 2012

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

If you had to identify the epicenter of your household based on how often you use certain living spaces, what room(s) would you pick? Two locations come to mind right off the bat: the kitchen and bathroom.

After all, these are the usual hubs of family activity in your everyday life. These shared spaces are gathering places where busy lives intersect, interact, and establish routine. But have you ever stopped to wonder how well these rooms function?

Family Life: A Model of Form and Function

Whether this question has already prompted you to draft a wish list of home improvements, or you are considering tackling an improvement project for the first time, remodeling your house in Denver may be just what the builder ordered.

The first step to completing a renovation of this magnitude is to schedule a free in-home design consultation. During the consultation you will discuss some of the following parameters:

  • How the room is currently being used
  • The issues or problems with the current set-up
  • The desired changes and necessary improvements to the space(s)
  • The household traffic patterns you’d like to accommodate
  • A budget, renovation plan, and expected results

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
Aspen Builders work with each client individually. Any Denver house remodeling project related to bathrooms or kitchens is fully customized to fit the needs of the intended client. There is a renovation style to fit families of all shapes and sizes.

The Family Portrait Under Construction

Your kitchen and bathroom may serve different functions within the household, but they have something in common - the need for individual comfort within a shared space. Comfort and functionality go hand in hand; they just mean different things to different people.

Here are some examples of what your Denver home remodeling project might look like:

  • A kitchen with additional integrated storage and unique space-saving ideas like under the counter appliances.
  • Dining room includes well-spaced seating areas utilized for counter space, table area, and corner nooks to double as after-school study areas.
  • Kitchen has an open universal design that makes sharing the space easy and allows everyone to interact with each other.
  • Bathroom area has extra sinks and vanities so everyone has their own “station” to use.
  • Second bathroom added so children and adults have separate spaces.
  • Stone, tile, fixtures, custom shelving/benches, and mosaic accents give the bath area a personalized look.  

And that’s just a taste of what Aspen Builders can do! Their talented craftsmen and technicians work tirelessly to see that your expectations are met. Each project is assigned to an Operations Manager who stays on site from start to finish. This commitment to teamwork and customer satisfaction keeps your Denver house remodeling process organized and running efficiently. 
Take the first step toward the kitchen and/or bathroom of your dreams. Schedule your free inital in-home consultation today! Aspen Builders' professionalism and expertise will insure you get the stylish space utilization you've been looking for.
Visit the company’s website www.abcdenver.com for more information and remodeling inspiration!

September 7, 2012

Remodeling The "Man Cave" Chain Reaction

Fall is just around the corner, and for a lot of guys out there, this changing of the seasons marks the beginning of another one altogether: football season. Everyone knows that there are certain staples and traditions that go along with this Sunday afternoon ritual. Some of you tailgate, some of you fire up the grill all season long, and some of you host events for your entire Fantasy Football League. Whatever your ideal game day environment looks like, there’s one thing you shouldn’t spend another season without - your very own man cave.

The Man Cave Chain Reaction

Those five little words usually elicit the following reaction:

It starts with imagining the possibility of having a personal retreat to escape to. As you build the space in your mind a theme begins to present itself.  It may have started with football, but it doesn’t stop there. Yes, there’s home theater projection with built-in media storage and enough seating for all of your football buddies. What about the rest of the space?    

Do you want to add:

-A bar
-A kitchen
-Different gaming areas
-A conveniently located second bathroom
-Guest or play room
-A fireplace or wood, stone, and architectural accents

All of these possibilities converge and develop into a frenzied description you will subject your family and friends to on multiple occasions.

Then something happens to derail the “what if” train. It could be you, talking yourself out of it. It could be your friends and family telling you to be more realistic. It could be the cost of the remodel or simply finding the space that fits your man cave. Whatever it is, we’ve all witnessed this cycle at one point or another, but there is a way to break it.  The answer to your man cave prayers is a Denver basement remodel.

Finding Your Inner Man Cave

Before you dismiss the idea of owning the man cave you’ve been dreaming of, yet again, consider taking a different approach. A Denver basement remodel is the perfect rebuttal to all of the doubts that are keeping you from making this dream a reality. Think about it for a second.

If the chain reaction described above sounds familiar, here’s what you need to break the cycle - a remodel of your Denver basement that:

-Is customized to fit your unique vision/need
-Includes a realistic strategy to complete the project
-Employs a cost-effective budget
-Utilizes the space already in your home to create your man cave (commonly referred to as “hidden space”)

Luckily, Aspen Builders uses all of this and more to complete your bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel. Their reliable and experienced builders serve the greater Denver area. From the craftsmen and technicians to the Operations Manager; everyone involved in the project is dedicated to seeing your dream become a reality.

Improve the look and feel of your basment
So contact Aspen Builders at: www.abcdenver.com and schedule your free in-home Denver basement remodel design consultation today! There's still time to get your man cave completed for this upcoming season!

August 16, 2012

The Ideal Company to Remodel Your House

Keeping the beauty of your home is the dream of every homeowner. This means that the remodeling should be eco-friendly and done at the right time. Although renovation of your home will depend on your readiness, experts in Denver house remodeling will inform you that improving the general look of your home should be done during summer or fall because during this time, children are preparing to go back to school, thus the contractor could do its work without much interference. Secondly, with the warmer weather, the house occupants and contractor would not be affected by the extreme cold weather that characterizes the winter season.     

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is a very important part of the house and should be refaced with bathtubs and acrylic when the old ones are destroyed. For your bathroom to remain spectacular, fitting attractive custom overlay and replacing the bathtubs could keep it fresh and economical. Our home remodeling experts in the Denver area will give you appropriate advice on how to customize a bathroom without breaking the bank!    

Basement Remodeling

The basement of your house shouldn't be overlooked, as this area adds great value to any home, especially when it's an attractive and inviting space. Therefore, when you are thinking about remodeling, you should consider the basement a priority to maintain the beauty of your home. We'll give you advice on layout and recommend what materials to use for its total finishing.

Basement remodeling is very important and can becostly due to a variety of issues. There are different types of basement renovations; you may decide to use sophisticated designs or clean, simple lines depending on your financial capability. Either way, we'll take into consideration the fixed objects in your space and design and implement accordingly.

Choosing a Builder

When thinking of house remodeling in the greater Denver area, it's important to choose a reliable and experienced builder such as Aspen because the company has adequate experience in creating unique designs for all different types of homes. We'll help you make the tough decisions, as we know an undertaking like a home remodel can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

August 7, 2012

The Extra Space Hiding in Your Home

Are you thinking of remodeling your home?  Would you like a larger bedroom, a fun play room, or a man cave all your own?  Or, maybe you wish you had a room to rent out?  Before building on an entirely new room, take a look in your basement.

You no longer have to use that room as a dumping ground for everything you don't want in the rest of your house.  Now, it can be a warm and inviting living space, and it doesn't have to be a cookie cut out of everyone else's design.

For example, along with a coat of paint, and a dropped ceiling, you could add a bathroom, and a home entertainment center, which would spice up any living space. Two things to remember when remodeling your Denver basement is to think about appropriate flooring, and hiding any pipes or wires that may be exposed.

Why stop at the possibility of a man cave?  Why not think of your basement as a school away from school, or a play room that will bring all the neighborhood kids over.  What better way to keep your kids close to home, than to bring in their friends with Foosball, white board or chalk board walls, rubber flooring, a water table, and circus themed lighting?  Oh, the homeschooling possibilities are endless, with a denver basement remodel.

Or, here's an idea that light sleepers will love:  Don't just build yourself an excellent master bedroom, build a bedroom oasis: an escape from the rest of the world.  Now, you can have a spacious, bright bedroom, with a walk-in closet, plush carpeted flooring, windows to bring in soft lighting.  Why not add a sound system, and soft wall colors.  With a nature sounds CD, you'll have your own hotel and spa.

My personal favorite option, for a larger basement, is the idea of building in a studio apartment.  An open floor plan will keep the space from feeling cramped and dark.  Add in a counter, small stove, refrigerator, and a sink, on top of a bathroom and closet, and you've got your self a very sweet living space.  It could be divided up into a living and dining area, as well as a bedroom.  You can take that old stair case, build in a seperate entrance, and you've got a great area you could offer to house guests, or even rent out. The options are endless when considering a home remodel, basement or otherwise, in the greater Denver area.

There you have it, four great opportunities for remodeling your house.  A man cave, for the man who loves his home theater; an exciting play room, a bedroom for the woman who has everything, and a studio apartment for your college student or a tenant.  What more could a home owner ask for?

July 11, 2012

Where do you find your Inspiration for Denver Home Remodeling?

In a world that never stops changing, it would be crazy to think that our tastes in the way we decorate our homes would be any different. So what, if anything, gives you inspiration to remodel your home? Many people do what they can to keep up with current trends and latest developments; this alone can be stressful. However, how many of us truly find real inspiration that isn’t found within a trend, to spark imagination? Sure there are magazines, books and even websites that can give examples and endless amounts of information, but many lack true imagination. Below is a list of ways where you can find inspiration that will set your new Denver home-remodeling project apart from the rest. 

First on the list is traveling! Many people never get to experience life outside of the area they live in; greatly retarding the creativity that some far away land may spark. Old hotels, hostels and even ancient architecture can be different depending on the area of the world you visit. Visiting multiple areas can give you not only different ideas for a look, but can also give different feels! Different parts of the world, and even different areas of the country you’re living in, can provide something unique. Most, if not all, people have a favorite vacation spot that always brings back fond memories. Bringing the vacation to you is often a great way to relive this memory again and again 

Another helpful tip on gaining inspiration would be to attend open houses in an area that you find particularly attractive. Many times model homes are used for open houses, and they are generally outfitted with the latest and greatest gadgets, as well as decorated and finished to pristine quality. Going to one of these types of events will often give life to a two dimensional version of something similar that you had in mind. 

Like with any remodel, it is important to remember that this is your home and not belonging to the person doing the build. Have an idea in mind and incorporate things into it that make it special. Many times ideas start out one way and end completely different. Designing your home in a way that is meaningful and special will create warmth that could never be put there artificially. Ultimately, inspiration has to be sought out; it’s not something that generally falls into your lap. So go out and explore and bring what you find to life!

February 19, 2012

The Absolute Essentials to Remodeling Your Basement

One of the best and easiest ways to add value to your home is to remodel your basement. Not only does this instantly increase value, but a Denver basement remodel can provide extra living space that otherwise may go unused. For the best Denver basement remodel possible, consider the below tips.

1. Clutter Reduction. Most basements consist of dark areas where items are stored such as extra furniture, decorations, food and supplies, old toys, sporting equipment and other things not regularly used.
Using the basement to store rarely used items can be wasteful and encourage holding onto things unnecessarily, creating clutter. Before starting any Denver basement remodel, clear away items no longer needed to best envision how the space will be used.

2. Denver Basement Remodel Plan. Consider how you can best use the space. For example, there may be a need for an extra room to afford more privacy to a family member or for a specific person or a guest room for visitors. It may also be beneficial to use the space for certain activities for which a basement’s characteristics will offer natural advantages.
For example, the lack of light could be useful for creating a dark room for photography and a studio or home theater. The isolation can also assist with creating a sound barrier for  play areas, teenager hangouts or a studio to practice musical instruments or create music.
In addition, the basement environment provides easy access to heating ducts, water lines, electricity and cooling ducts. Because of this adding a bathroom is much easier than it might be at another location within the house.

3. Basement Designs. Remember that the goal of a Denver basement remodel is to maximize the space. To do this most effectively, aligning with a professional company like Aspen Builders can provide you with technical details that can greatly affect the success of the project.

An interior designer or architect can also assist in getting the most out of the existing space. With careful planning, you can make your goal of having a more useful, comfortable and attractive basement possible.

4. Water Issues. Whether the basement has had flooding or dampness issues in the past or not, it is essential to confirm that any issues are resolved completely, prior to the start of any Denver basement remodel. A finished basement will only be as successful as the preparation and design, as well as the execution and quality of the work involved.
Understand that permanent solutions may take more time than anticipated to implement. This is because sometimes, as work begins, issues that were not realized prior may surface. Therefore, it is good to hire an inspector specializing in foundation or basement waterproofing, such as the professionals at Aspen Builders.

Contact Aspen Builders, send an e-mail to sales@abcdenver.com or call (303) 471-4355 to find out more about how we can assist with your Denver basement remodel for the best results, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

5 ways a Home Remodeler can Restore the Beauty of Your Home

One striking feature of the Denver, Colorado area is all the beautiful, old homes. Miles and miles of Craftsman and brick homes dot tree-lined streets. This is part of what makes Denver so distinctive and special. However, one problem with these homes is that they eventually become outdated, losing not only functionality but some of their beauty as well. If your home needs some updating to return to its former glory, consider hiring a Denver home remodeler.

Climate Challenges
One of the ways a Denver home remodeler can help bring back the beauty of your Denver home is by understanding the particular challenges that living in Colorado can bring. Our dry air can affect wood furniture, edging, decks and other surfaces, which is something that not all contractors from other areas of the country might understand. Talk to the Aspen Builder experts at ABC Denver to find out how you can restore the beauty of the wood in your home, making it shine the way that it once did.
Over time, all homes fall into some form of disrepair, even those maintained over time by homeowners. One reason for this is that not even the most talented do-it-yourselfer will know all the areas of a Denver home that need to be monitored, repaired or updated over time, such as the foundation, the plumbing, electrical system or other areas of damage. A Denver home remodeler can identify the areas of the home that need addressing and repair in order to bring the house back to true function, safety and beauty.
Take a walk around Denver streets and you will see interesting, charismatic and lovely homes of all kinds, shapes and styles. Many of these homes are over a hundred years old and have amazing historical details, sometimes tiny and sometimes all encompassing. A home remodeler who understands the Denver area history and how to preserve the historical detail of Denver homes can help bring a home up-to-date without losing any of the historical interest or significance.
Energy Efficiency
Older homes are many things, but energy efficient is rarely one of them. While newer homes have energy efficient windows, insulation, roofing, plumbing and appliances, most old homes do not. These homes are often costing their owners extra money in heating and energy costs every year. Contact a home remodeler such as Aspen Builder to find out how to update your home and increase energy efficiency, all while keeping the preservation details intact.
Local Codes and Regulations
Unless you are a building contractor, you are probably not familiar with all of the current Denver building codes, which mean that your older home may actually be in violation. A Denver home remodeler can help bring your home back up to code while making improvements, restoring beautiful details and designing your home the way that you want.
Call us at Aspen Builders to start your home remodeling project. We look forward to helping your home be beautiful again.