January 27, 2012

5 Important Home Remodeling Tips

Home renovation can be a challenging but rewarding activity for the hobbyist, for those without construction experience there are pitfalls to look out for.

1.    If you decide to do the job on your own, research what you want done. There are a number of authoritative books on home remodeling that may be able to provide you with help on how to get it done. These books can be useful even if you happen to have some construction experience. Note that there are many problems that can befall the DIY handyman. There are very few perfect projects, and the bigger the project, the more room there is for error and misfortune. The pitfalls of home remodeling are often very expensive. Buying and reading a book on home improvement projects is therefore a good investment.

2.    Have specific goals beforehand. This means that you will have to concentrate on the thing you have done and not drift off course. It is easy for a project to snowball out of proportion and with some contractors, the snowball consists of other, bigger and even more expensive projects. Also, note that changing your mind in the middle of the job does not often work out well. Be certain what you want before day one of the project. A professional, ethical contractor like Denver House Remodeling, can be helpful in this situation.

3.    Depending on the nature of the project, be prepared to face a constant flow of decision-making. What color of paint? What kind of doorknob? What type of flooring? What kind of trim? Cabinets, fixtures, and various decorative elements, all have to be decided on by you, the homeowner. Ready yourself with a knowledge of the things you will be expected to decide.

4.    Make decisions about projects based on value, not just on initial price. You can downsize the scope of the project to fit your budget if necessary, but always get the best quality rather than the the cheapest items. Note that high-quality renovations will not only last longer and add to your enjoyment of the home, they will also improve the home’s resale value. Note that high quality is nothing without good workmanship when it comes to installation. The DIY home renovator should make sure that they know what they are doing before embarking on a project or hire a fully licensed and insured professional like those at Denver House Remodeling.

5.    Use simple designs. This makes the project easier for the renovator, whether they are a professional or a DIY hobbyist, and therefore it makes for a faster project. You can have your renovated home in a short time rather than drawn out over weeks or even months. Simple designs also appeal to more people should you decide to sell your house.

If you find that your project has gotten out of hand and you are facing problems that you cannot handle on your own, the professionals at Denver House Remodeling will be more than happy to help.

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