January 27, 2012

Remodeling Your Home for a New Beginning this New Year

Don’t let 2012 pass you by – plan a new beginning, plan your own Denver basement remodel or home remodeling project. The New Year is just starting. It’s the perfect time for something big, meaningful, and rewarding. It’s time to change something in the house for the better.

But Wait, Why Remodel the Basement?
Why not? In a typical household, the basement is one of the most often neglected and forgotten parts of the home. It’s commonly a sad, moldy place – the stuff of ghost stories and the graveyard of old, unused stuff you don’t want anywhere else. Turning it into something more functional not only adds more financial value to your home, it also provides space for other activities.
Why retain a stuffy storage room of things you can do without when you can transform your basement into a games and recreation room, a wine cellar, or even a home theater?

The Great Denver Basement Remodel Modus
One of the most typical New Year’s resolutions is to change something about yourself. It’s much easier to change something about your home, like your basement. All you need is a good plan and a budget.
Fortunately, not only is basement remodeling one of the most cost-effective home improvements, it is also one of the most affordable. Consider how much you want to spend. Look at what you need and what you want:
Need repairs? Plumbing and electrical work might be required before remodeling can proceed.• Want fancy stuff? Tailored cabinetry and fancy options require a larger budget.• Got a full work room? If not, you may need to spend for tools and materials.• Have some cash handy? Always consider where you get your financing from.
There are a bunch of other considerations, but in general, the above are some of the most significant points.

More Aspects to Consider
If you hire a good, experienced contractor, then they would probably inform you of other facets to consider. But to give you an early heads up, there might also be additional costs in improving:
Basement ceiling – how your basement’s ceiling is built affects noise reduction, temperature, and even mold build-up and prevention.• Lighting – as the basement is not the most well lit part of the house, letting natural light in can be a challenging task. Planning lighting fixtures also need to go hand in hand with your overall remodeling intentions.• Décor – again, an aspect that goes with the entire motif or goal of the remodeling.
Remember that you should budget for the whole shebang – not just part of it.

Time to Consult with the Pros

Now that you got an initial plan with all your needs and wants factored in, you can then consult with professional contractors about what you want to happen. You can get quotes, plan improvements, and valuable suggestions from the right contractor. You know what you want for your
Denver basement remodel project. They know how to make it happen.

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