February 19, 2012

5 ways a Home Remodeler can Restore the Beauty of Your Home

One striking feature of the Denver, Colorado area is all the beautiful, old homes. Miles and miles of Craftsman and brick homes dot tree-lined streets. This is part of what makes Denver so distinctive and special. However, one problem with these homes is that they eventually become outdated, losing not only functionality but some of their beauty as well. If your home needs some updating to return to its former glory, consider hiring a Denver home remodeler.

Climate Challenges
One of the ways a Denver home remodeler can help bring back the beauty of your Denver home is by understanding the particular challenges that living in Colorado can bring. Our dry air can affect wood furniture, edging, decks and other surfaces, which is something that not all contractors from other areas of the country might understand. Talk to the Aspen Builder experts at ABC Denver to find out how you can restore the beauty of the wood in your home, making it shine the way that it once did.
Over time, all homes fall into some form of disrepair, even those maintained over time by homeowners. One reason for this is that not even the most talented do-it-yourselfer will know all the areas of a Denver home that need to be monitored, repaired or updated over time, such as the foundation, the plumbing, electrical system or other areas of damage. A Denver home remodeler can identify the areas of the home that need addressing and repair in order to bring the house back to true function, safety and beauty.
Take a walk around Denver streets and you will see interesting, charismatic and lovely homes of all kinds, shapes and styles. Many of these homes are over a hundred years old and have amazing historical details, sometimes tiny and sometimes all encompassing. A home remodeler who understands the Denver area history and how to preserve the historical detail of Denver homes can help bring a home up-to-date without losing any of the historical interest or significance.
Energy Efficiency
Older homes are many things, but energy efficient is rarely one of them. While newer homes have energy efficient windows, insulation, roofing, plumbing and appliances, most old homes do not. These homes are often costing their owners extra money in heating and energy costs every year. Contact a home remodeler such as Aspen Builder to find out how to update your home and increase energy efficiency, all while keeping the preservation details intact.
Local Codes and Regulations
Unless you are a building contractor, you are probably not familiar with all of the current Denver building codes, which mean that your older home may actually be in violation. A Denver home remodeler can help bring your home back up to code while making improvements, restoring beautiful details and designing your home the way that you want.
Call us at Aspen Builders to start your home remodeling project. We look forward to helping your home be beautiful again.


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