March 27, 2012

The 3 Greatest Expenses in Basement Finishing

So you want more space? A DenverBasement Remodel will certainly solve that problem.  Every basement remodel is different depending on the features you want to include in your plan.

An example of a great Denver Basement Remodel.
The average cost for a basement remodel is approximately $51,000. That includes just the basic walls, flooring, and lighting with the ceiling.   Twenty to thirty percent of your cost of this Denver Basement remodel will be for the actual finished product.  The other seventy to seventy-five percent goes to labor and expenses. Expenses include things like permits. 

The first thing you should consider in this basement remodel is whether there needs to be any waterproofing treatment.  Basements are dark and not ventilated well which can breed moisture buildup and mold, all of which needs to be taken care of before the rest of the project continues.

Plumbing is the next cost to be considered in terms of additions to the basic remodel.  Adding a wet bar, bathroom, or kitchen can be the most expensive part of a Denver Basement Remodel.  The cost for a wet bar or bathroom can add anywhere from $20,0000 to $61,000 to the basic cost.  This cost is if the basic roughed in plumbing is already present.  Even if the plumbing is already roughed in, many times an additional main waste line and vent line need to be added anyway.

The final element in your basement remodel is the electrical and flooring choices.  Electrical wiring depends on what electrical features are needed, which could include anything from a home theater and hot tub to an additional washer/dryer outlet.  If a new electrical panel is needed that can run anywhere from $2,000 to $35,000.  Flooring can be anything from laminate flooring to concrete floor staining.

As mentioned earlier, over seventy percent of the total cost of a Denver Basement Remodel entails the labor and expense costs, but it is easy to see that many of the problems and features that may turn up in your remodel will require the skills of a professional technician. Unless you possess those specialized skills, you will need to hire professional help even if you are doing a do it yourself project.  Finding all the various professionals and hiring them on your own can be very expensive, time consuming, and stressful to say the least. 

Aspen Builders can take you through the entire process from professional plans to the final construction piece.  Aspen Builders has all the professionals needed for any of your choices under their one roof. With Aspen Builders, the first day of construction will begin with a firm fixed cost based on your detailed design.   


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