March 27, 2012

Style versus Functionality: Which takes Precedence in your Home Remodel?

Your Denver Home Remodeling project will revolve around your needs and purpose for the remodel.  Aspen Builders will help you to prioritize your needs for your home remodeling project.

The need may be one of updating the décor and structure of your home.  In that case, style will be your primary purpose. Suppose you have moved into an old home that still has 70’s décor (Yes, they still exist.) You know the bright orange or pea green linoleum that should only be part of a movie set now, or the kitchen cabinets that are old and outdated. Again, style will be your primary purpose, and Aspen Builders has available all of the latest styles and updated structures to choose from for your project.

Function meets style.
However, if you need your Denver Home Remodeling project to make your home more useful, then functionality will be the primary focus of the project. But even in this scenario style is a secondary focus.  You live in your home with the purpose of using your space for your specific lifestyle, so your home should reflect the uses you have.  Your Denver Home Remodeling project may be because your family is growing, and you need more space.  Or your project may be due to an elderly family member moving into your home.  In either case, the remodel will focus on making your home more functional and user friendly. An example of the latter case might be to update a kitchen for your elderly parent’s use.  Maybe there are low cabinets that will be difficult for your family member to bend over to get into.  New cabinets that just slide out will help to solve this problem.  Another example might be if your home doesn’t have enough room for a washer and dryer.  In addition, suppose your home doesn’t have many kitchen cabinets.  One solution could be to design new cabinets for more storage in the kitchen, which might alleviate the need for the pantry.  Then the pantry could be turned into a nice laundry room for a stackable washer and dryer set.  Aspen Builders can take into consideration all of these needs and come up with solutions that could apply to many universal situations to cut down on the need to remodel every time there is a change in your family.

So unless you are a design technician entering a contest where style is the main element, when you are considering your Denver Home Remodeling project, functionality is like the rudder on a ship to guide your plans.  Aspen Builders is the place to go for the knowledge about all those functional needs and the latest styles too, because with your Denver Home Remodeling project, style never has to be sacrificed just for functionality. Aspen Builders can give you both.

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