April 25, 2012

Does Interior Design play a part in a Remodel?

Interior Design and Denver House Remodeling seem like they would play hand in hand, yet could these two categories both focusing on design really have nothing to do with each other? In order to best answer this question, it is important to first distinguish interior design from Denver House Remodeling. From here the two can be differentiated, and the question can be given an honest answer.

Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. From this definition, it appears interior design focuses predominantly on the decoration of a room or building after it has been remodeled. It was Ellen Mazur Thomson who actually declared interior design a relevant and needed concept in modern day America; he even created the guideline by which interior design became a profession. He emphasized the importance of education, one’s own high-standards, and professional gate-keeping. With these insights into the design world, an individual could then truly call themselves an Interior Designer.

Interior Design as described by today’s standards is the practice of utilizing space in the most effective manner to suit that space’s purpose best. Of the most influencing styles of interior design, Art Deco takes the pick as it avoided traditional d├ęcor in substitute for a greater emphasis placed on geometric shapes and metallic colors.

Denver House Remodeling can be defined as the process of improving a space. A remodel could include a process as simple as the breakdown of a wall or the creation of a window to a process as complex as the addition of a new room to the elimination of a whole room. Remodeling is about improvement, and of course improvement is a rather subjective topic.

After delving into what both interior design and Denver House Remodeling are, it is now possible to more closely examine what role each plays in regards to each other.

Before the design of a remodel takes place, it is necessary to define and imagine the interior space. It is important to plan a remodel with the end look in sight. It would not make sense to just build without a plan. In this aspect, interior design and the end look of a space plays a large role in the design of a remodel.

The remodel itself can be associated with building the framework or foundation to an idea, while the Interior Design creates the look and feel. It is clear that both interior design and basement remodeling influence each other to a great degree. Without the end result and the desired placement of furniture and wall paint, there would be little to work off of when trying to create the designs for a remodel. Likewise, in order to achieve a certain overall look, the foundational attributes from Denver House Remodeling designs is necessary.

People are naturally aesthetic and relate to the overall look associated with remodels. Remember to incorporate both your personal interior design ideas into the overall design and implementation of your Denver House Remodeling. 


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