April 25, 2012

How to decide what to Remodel in your House first

No matter what you are remodeling, whether your Denver Basement Remodel or a kitchen or bathroom, the first aspect to look at would be the hidden parts in a remodel.  This would include putting in new wiring that requires getting behind the walls.  It only makes sense that you would want to take care of that before you put up new paneling etc.  Also, any plumbing that needs to be done should be done towards the beginning of your remodel because plumbing can be messy. You certainly don’t want to be putting in a new tub or toilet after you have just put in a new tile floor.
   For specifics of a kitchen remodel it would be a good idea to start with the aspect of the room that dominates the appearance of the room.  For example, if you are replacing the counter tops and cabinets, this would mean that you should decide on the material and the color that you want the room to contain.  The floor and walls are also a dominant feature in this remodel, so color can be a deciding factor. 

     Some parts of your remodel will need to be pre ordered, so you have to make sure to plan ahead.  Cabinets are an example of something that needs to be pre ordered.   They can also be the most expensive and permanent purchase in your remodel. The cabinets have to go in first before any counter tops or appliances.

     The floor choice can be determined based on anything from d├ęcor to maintenance issues.  The material you pick for your floor should be something you want to have around for a while because it is also expensive.  This material should also be of a type that you have the time to maintain. The last aspect would be your flooring to help protect the new floor from any demolition involved in the rest of the remodel.  This would apply in any remodel including your Denver Basement Remodel.

     If you have to replace a window, this should be done before you replace the cabinets or counter tops. So you can see that the order depends on what you plan to remodel with the idea in mind that you want to minimize the wear and tear to new parts while you are remodeling other parts.  It is fair to say that if you are replacing appliances they should be the very last aspect to be brought into the remodel.  Matching the color or style to your overall vision for your Denver Basement remodel could mean that you have to plan ahead for a special order.  


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