June 1, 2012

Announcing New Trends in the Colorado House Remodeling Industry!

Every year there are new and some say improved trends to the Denver house remodeling scene. 2012 is no different.  However, with the state our economy has been in these last few years, folks have been forced to make changes that both make fiscal and social responsibilities.  With money tight it has forced people to stay in their existing homes and add items that make them not only feel more comfortable but also give off the impression that they are someplace new.  Comfortable style, elegant design and more luxurious materials seems to be the new trend for 2012.  People feel more comfortable choosing exotic materials, bright bold color combinations and a new revamped interior rather than purchasing a new home.  This is making it possible for those who are comfortable with the home they having and making it more personal, rather than starting from scratch with a new home. 
Bright earthy tones such as amethyst, sapphire, ruby and emerald are becoming ever popular.  Along with golden tones and exotic shades of coral and cream, combined with ivory, browns, silver and warm whites are also taking center stage creating a modern, warm and inviting décor.  Also for 2012, light and heavy fabrics are being combined to create interesting contrasts between rooms.  Stainless steel and brick are also being utilized to turn cold and warm into something modern and inviting.  Doing something many thought in the past to be somewhat of a faux pox, mixing contemporary and modern to be “trendy”.  Large mirrors and mirrored tiles are being used to bring more light to a room without the use of actual light, thus not only becoming more energy efficient saving you and your family money but also naturally brightening up a room.  To go along with the green trend, wallpaper and paint made from recycled plants materials are creating a more natural and ecofriendly environment.   

Materials that appear comfortable and warm are popular interior design trends for 2012.  Materials such as marble and wood, glass and leather as well as high quality plastics create natural light and beauty and many times gender neutral, creating an inviting and luxurious home space.  Items with intricate detail such as wood carvings, crown moldings and ornate lighting fixtures in rich colors create unique and customized looks for your interior as well.  Combinations of contemporary, traditional and exotic materials, various styles and colors inspired by African, Asian and Middle Eastern decorating ideals will also offer a warm and instinctual design. Again many times these offer dark and warm colors, bright yellows and deep shades of precious and semi-precious stone colors.    

Most of all, through all of the trends and style, it is important to make your home an expression of you.  Take what makes you happy and joyful and express it through your imagination.  Aspen Builders is fully committed to expressing your individuality through your home.  Make them the go to people in Denver house remodeling

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