July 2, 2012

What Colors are in your Next Home Remodel's Future?

Every year color trends change and some carry over from the previous years before. One thing that doesn’t change year to year however is the way certain colors make us feel. Taking these colors into consideration when remodeling or simply changing up your color scheme can be very important. Colors such as red, blue, green, peach and coral paired with certain shades of yellow can create a very energized space and are hot trendy colors for 2012. Neutral colors such as grey are also becoming popular and its neutral color in many ways grounds a room and leaves many options to add bright colors to really bring the room alive.

Below is a list of color options based on rooms that are sure to bring out the personality in your home for 2012!

• Kitchens - Colors such as tangerine yellow either as an accent to grey or all on its own will really make your kitchen bright and inviting. While traditional colors such as brown and white are in style, they will as always remain sophisticated and versatile.

• Bathrooms- Go for a calm relaxing color in 2012. Elegant and unpretentious colors such as purplish blues and gray blue are always great options. If plants and flowers are a theme within your space, try to work with natural colors to further continue the trend.

• Living rooms- The sophisticated elegance of the 30’s and 40’s are making a comeback in 2012. Vivid unexpected colors such as bright yellow greens and earthy natural tones are comforting as well as versatile and work well with most décor. Colors like apple greens and fuchsias can many times be uplifting and optimistic as well.

• Bedrooms- The whole spectrum of monochrome colors are found to not only be in style, but they are also found to be very romantic. Earthy greens and browns are said to bring an earthy natural calm to a room, often enhancing ones restfulness. If a more refreshing sense is what you are looking for, a bright blue and clean white scheme may be in order.

With all these ideas in mind, it is important to never stray too far from your own. The colors and themes that make you feel comfortable are ultimately what will make you the happiest. If you are making an attempt to mix your own styles with what is trendy, use your favorite color as an accent or add them in as decoration. Experiment with color combinations that evoke desirable feelings within you and above all have fun doing it.

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